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What to Expect

What to expect during your Majestic Painting Experience:



1.Free consultation and project plan advisement

2.Meet with painting estimator

3.Estimate on project is prepared and delivered to customer

4.Approval of estimate is given and work is authorized to begin



1.Begin color selections for your project


We recommend Sherwin Williams for color inspiration and color consultations.  In addition, we also recommend Benjamin Moore paints samples. 

In person: 

Online  or

Iphone & Android


Book a Professional Color Consultation:   Book Online Now


  • **Please fill out our color selection form so that we can keep your color selections for years to come.



1. Once we have an approval and color selections we will have our production manager schedule your project and send a confirmation notification via Text for you scheduled date. We do work on a first come, first service basis but will try to accommodate special circumstances when possible.


Home owner prep

1. Protect any furniture from unwanted paint drips and overspray.

2. Pick up dog dropping from the lawn.

3. Remove any obstacles for the safety of our painters and your belongings.

4. During interior painting, we will move furniture for your convenience.


Painter Prep Work

1. Our professionals will prepare surfaces with cleaning, power washing.

2. Next, they will apply caulk on all cracks, nail holes, and seams.

3. Finally, they will mask around areas such as windows, brick, and trim.


Completion Walk Through

1. Job Site Supervisor will walk through the job immediately after completion with the home owner.  

2. We will collect final payment after the final touch-up work is completed and you are completely satisfied and happy to refer us to your friends, family, and co-workers.