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Color Selection

Professional Color Selection Services 

From blues to browns, and everything in between, there are so many options you can choose from when it comes to painting your Denver home. It can be difficult to select the perfect paint color for your home, but it doesn"t have to be. At Majestic Painting, we can help you create the home you envisioned.  


Blues and greens are the best if you are looking for a calm and serene room. Blue and green are often used in bedrooms, or even studies, to help encourage a sense of comfortability.  However, you"re more than welcome to use blue/green in your living room or even bathroom...wherever you"d like to feel calm, cool, and collected  


Red is often used when you"d like to evoke feelings of romance, or aggression. The color red has been proven to increase heart rate and even breathing - but that doesn"t always have to be a bad thing. The color red has had beautiful effects in rooms that have a lot of natural light, or as an accent wall. 


Purple is the color of royalty, but we recommend it should be used sparingly or in large rooms. Darker colors can make rooms feel smaller, so unless you are fully prepared for that be careful about what colors you are selecting. 


In terms of neutral colors, they are just as it sounds! These colors promote a sense of neutrality, and don"t necessarily promote any type of emotion one way or another. If you are unsure of colors, perhaps try a neutral. Neutral colors even making matching pieces easier, which is always a plus!

Have you selected the perfect paint color? Painting can almost be as daunting as selecting the paint color, if not more so. If you are not wanting to paint your home, we at Majestic Painting are here to help! We will happily come to your space and provide you with a quote as to how much it will be to paint your space. Don"t believe us? We have plenty of happy customers, they are what keeps us going! Don"t hesitate, contact us today;

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