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Handrail & Baluster Replacement

Services - Handrail & Baluster Replacement

No matter the architectural style of your current home, multiple living space levels always incorporate a stairway of some type for transitional purposes. From spiral to L-shaped or straight, potentially even with a landing, the method for moving from one area of the home to another is obviously extremely important. Unfortunately, it is here where homeowners often neglect the impact such a design and the construction components can have on the interior of their home for themselves and visitors alike. From safety to differential design characteristics, these highly traveled areas need to be kept looking sharp and in quality working order.


As with any other area of the home, ensuring the safety of those who live daily inside and potential guests should be a top priority. One of the most beneficial design aspects associated with a staircase is the use of handrails to prevent falls. Allowing those traversing up or down something to hold onto will not only ensure their safety but give you peace of mind as well.

For this reason, proper maintenance on any handrails located throughout the home or replacement - should an inspection warrant new materials - is critical. Not only can handrails provide solid support for adults and children but properly placed balusters also protect against slippage and items falling from the side(s).  


These balusters and the handrail itself can serve as a focal point or accent for your home. Depending on where the staircase is located within the design components of your residence, implementing a unique color combination or certain pattern can enhance the aesthetic value within your property.

For example, a grand entrance way may be highlighted by the staircase and balusters but even steps leading to a basement can be brightened when utilizing the correct hues. 

If you"re ready to upgrade an existing staircase or are completing a new construction, then look no further than the highly qualified experts at Majestic Painting, and contact us today.