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Garage Epoxy Coatings


 Is your garage a kid"s toy storage, a man cave or a classic car oasis either way, Majestic Painting Company can provide a beautiful improvement with epoxy flooring. 

Yes, there are many types of flooring such as concrete paint, stained or nothing.  Unfortunately, none of these will give you a long-lasting garage without cracks and stains.  Concrete is a porous material that WILL crack.

We suggest a high-grade epoxy coating that won't break the bank but will look like a million bucks!  We use only the best coatings from the top manufactures.  These special coatings will protect your garage from those nasty stains, cracks and even rust.  It's as simple a soap and water cleaning and your garage floor will look amazing.

We have mastered our epoxy finish process from start to finish.  We start off utilizing a diamond grinder to prep the surface.  We then thoroughly clean the entire floor to provide the epoxy a perfect adhering surface.  Next, we apply your specific color choice of epoxy product along with optional fleck for style and texturing.  To create a perfect finished product, we wrap the entire floor with a gloss clear coat for the ultimate finished look.

If you would like to increase your home"s value while creating a clean and beautiful floor, contact our specialist today and let us transform your garage floor.

Below you will find the three options of fleck application along with a selection of available colors.  If you don"t see the exact color you want please let us know and we will find it for you.

Solid color w/ no Fleck

A single color laid throughout with a gloss smooth clear coat

Solid Color with Fleck

Solid single color with minimal fleck added to create depth and texture

Solid Garage Granite

Solid granite with solid coverage of fleck


Sahara Beige

Savannah Mix

Sienna Gold

Astoria Silver

Angola Black Granite

Orion Gray Granite

Boreal Granite

Giallo Granite

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