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Drywall Repairs & Texture

Services - Drywall Repairs & Texture

Are cracks appearing in the joints of your home from foundation settling? Changing the current placement of items on your walls? Suffered some damage to a hallway or stairwell surface and need a fix? There are any number of issues that could cause damage to your current drywall conditions within your home but getting them repaired and having your walls look clean and free of any cracks and holes can totally transform a living space back to brand new condition.

Repair Options

Whether you are moving items on a wall or inheriting a new space there will almost always be some type of nail holes or small punctures in the walls from previous inhabitants. These need repair in a similar manner to larger issues before applying a new coat of paint to the surface.

Nail holes in trim is an entirely different decision as the location of the holes often determines if repair is needed prior to painting. Depending on how visible the holes are to those who will live in the home, they may simply be allowed to exist provided the original nails were installed correctly.

Providing a smooth and filled area to paint is ultimately the goal and needs to be achieved in order to return the space to its original form. This can be difficult for larger areas which may be the result of damage caused by moving furniture or needing to access something (i.e. pipes, wiring, ducts, etc.) within a particular wall. For these projects, a larger space is going to need spackle and sanding or perhaps even a metal sheet for reinforcement of the vulnerable area.

Texture Use and Style

Different types of drywall textures can be used to give the space more than just a solid, bland outlook. These can be applied to ceilings or walls, depending on the space in question and is generally up to personal preference of the homeowner.

The multiple styles available gives individuals a variety of different application options which are typically used to indicate a different area of the space. For example, walls may be clear of any texture but the ceiling could have some type of design for character. This can also be true for walls which may have a texture applied to separate the bathroom, basement, or any other room from other areas of the home.

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