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Mark H.



 Metro Denver Territory Manager

It is my pleasure to introduce Mark, the esteemed founder and esteemed member of the leadership team at Majestic. With over 25 years of experience in the painting and construction industry, Mark's expertise in personnel oversight and comprehensive understanding of all facets of the painting operation have enabled him to lead his team to consistently deliver exceptional performance and satisfaction to all customers.

As a rare Colorado native, Mark has a deep appreciation for the beauty and opportunities that this state has to offer. A graduate of Colorado State University, Mark's passion for soccer is well-known, and he has earned a reputation as a superstar in the sport. When he is not at work, Mark enjoys spending time with his family and four boys, watching their sports and witnessing their growth into remarkable young men.

Mark's extensive knowledge of the painting industry and his leadership skills are invaluable assets to Majestic. His ability to oversee personnel and ensure that all aspects of the painting operation are executed with precision and excellence is a testament to his expertise. We are fortunate to have Mark on our team, and I am confident that his contributions will continue to drive our success in the industry.

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