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Professional Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting 

At Majestic Painting, we know the best cabinet repainting entails lots of details and touches that are intricately carved into the surface. Our crews know that every edge deserves to be treated evenly to ensure that your cabinets look great once the painting is done. When you want high-quality cabinets that really wow visitors and even your family, you can rely on the our team to get the job done right the first time. 
Professional Spray Finish
Denver-area homeowners who go DIY when it comes to cabinet repainting often rely on brushing paint on, which can leave traces behind that can degrade the surface of your cabinets. The highly-trained cabinet repainting pros here at Majestic Painting rely on spray-on tools that leave your cabinets without unsightly brush errors like drips and brush marks, improving not only the color of your cabinetry, but the overall look as well. Our expert interior paint teams also carry specialty tools like dustless sanding machines, glazing guns, touch-up sprayers, and dust and paint containment systems.
Match Your Existing Paint Scheme
If it"s now time to add color to your cabinets, the last thing you need is to be just a little bit off from the color scheme that"s already present in your home. Majestic Painting"s color-matching professionals will not only match the colors you want but also make sure that your new cabinets will improve the look of your pre-existing kitchen and bathroom walls and fixtures.